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Friday, October 7, 2011

Broadband TV and OTT Services Continue Growth in Canada, Says Industry Group

The appetite Canadians show for Over the Top (OTT) broadband TV services is substantial and growing. A new cable industry association report says 48% of Canadians have watched a movie or TV series episode online.
Such research underscores additional industry analysis that also shows Internet users will up- and download 1.2 million petabytes of data per year by 2015, around seven times more than in 2010 - the vast majority of it video and media content.

In its inaugural In Touch research study on the topic, the Cable Telecommunications Association for Marketing (Canada) has found the percentage of Canadian consumers who claimed to have watching video content online reached 48% in June, with the highest usage amongst males (51%) 18-34 year-olds (71%) and those with no television service providers (56%).
Television still counts some 58% of Canadians, but non-broadcast media accounts for 28% of Canadians' viewing with 13% specifically indicating use online.
Men (32%), 18-34 year olds (46%) and those with no television service provider (54%) are most likely to avail themselves of these television alternatives.

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