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Monday, September 24, 2012

How To Follow and Share SMW12 September

How To Follow and Share SMW12 September
Vancouver: @SMWVan & #SMWVan

September 20th, 2012 by
It’s time! Social Media Week has arrived. Kicking off in 5 days in 14 cities around the world with over 1000 events taking place, Social Media Week September is exceeding all expectations. There’s a lot to keep track of and we don’t want you to miss a beat- we’re breaking down how you can keep up with it all, even if you’re not able to join us in person. We also want to make it easy to share what’s happening with everyone else. So, we present you with our comprehensive guide to all things SMW.

Follow SMW12

Social Media Week Official Mobile App

No longer just to help you see our schedule, our new and improved mobile app brings you the best content from us, our partners The Next Web, and Nokia. You can share events you’re attending, stream events from the app, and also register for new events through it- all from the convenience of your phone.
Social Media Week Live

We put extra care into this feature for September, and our new SMW Live features a comprehensive listing of streamed events by category, outlining the city and language the event is taking place in. Keeping with our focus on making it easier for you to share what’s happening during SMW12, you can post your photos and comments in a new feed format on each streaming event.

SMW RealTime

It only gets better with time. Powered by Nokia, SMW RealTime continues to evolve. A 5-page data aggregation dashboard, through RealTime you can see all the real-time data from Social Media Week globally and locally. Not only does it track all official hashtags on an event, city and global level, it also looks at trends, largest contributors to the conversation, and Foursquare checkins. We start tracking it all Wednesday, September 19th, and we’re looking to see what event and city takes the lead.


We also have a strong presence on Facebook, where you can see images and short updates from SMW12. Follow us here: Global, Barcelona, Berlin, Bogotá, Chicago, Glasgow, Hong Kong, LA, London, São Paulo, Seoul, Shanghai, Torino, and Vancouver.
Twitter & Hashtags

And you need to know what we’re tracking to participate with others. Use these global hashtags and handles. We’ll see who comes out on top.
Global: @SocialMediaWeek & #SMW12, with our activities with Global Headline Sponsor at @Nokia
Barcelona: @SMWBarcelona & #SMWBcn
Berlin: @SMWBerlin & #SMWBerlin
Bogotá: @SMWBog & #SMWBog
Chicago: @SMWChicago & #SMWChicago
Glasgow: @SMWGlasgow & #SMWGla
Hong Kong: @SMWHK & #SMWHK
Jeddah: @SMWJeddah & #SMWJeddah
London: @SMWLdn & #SMWLdn
São Paulo: @SMWSP & #SMWSP
Seoul: @SMWSeoul & #SMWSeoul
Shanghai: @SMW_China & #SMWChina
Torino: @SMWTorino & #SMWTorino
Vancouver: @SMWVan & #SMWVan

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