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Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Multi-platform HD Movie Service to Launch in Canada | Mediacaster Magazine - Broadband & Content

Hollywood Suite, four new high-definition channels, will launch across Canada this November, and be available on cable, satellite, mobile and IPTV.

The service will offer over 450 different movie titles every month on television - and a selection will be available on demand, on-line and on mobile or portable media devices from television service providers; subscription pricing and packaging to be announced closer to launch, channel operators noted.

The channels will carry commercial-free HD movies 24/7, uncut and unedited, as the exclusive home of movie channels from both Warner Bros. and MGM.

Hollywood Suite is a newly formed, privately owned Toronto-based company founded by industry veterans Jay Switzer, Jeff Sackman, Michael McLaughlin, Catherine Tait and David Kines. The company launched nearly a year ago, with plans for linear and multi-platform distribution. Discussions with carriers and service providers has been underway for some time.

The recent launch announcement was made by Jeffrey R. Schlesinger, President, Warner Bros. International Television, Bruce Tuchman, President, MGM Worldwide Networks and Switzer, the Chairman and Co-founder of Hollywood Suite.

The Hollywood Suite features channels dubbed Warner Films; the MGM Channel; Hollywood Storm and Hollywood Festival, each with specific content and catalogue offerings.

"These channels are designed to meet the strong audience demand for movies across all platforms and support Canada's television service providers," said Switzer. "With a number of leading financial backers including Alliance Films, and with studio support from Warner Bros., MGM, and Alliance, as well as many Canadian producers, we know these channels will be exceptionally well received in Canada."

"We love movies - and we are bringing to Canada what movie fans want and demand, at one low monthly price," added Kines. "When you add up all the movies we offer and all the ways a subscriber can watch them, Hollywood Suite offers any movie fan a fantastic HD movie experience."

New Multi-platform HD Movie Service to Launch in Canada | Mediacaster Magazine - Broadband & Content

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