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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

VBNF Newsletter: August 28, 2011

Vancouver Business Network Forum

Vancouver enjoys good weather so far in August. This is the best time of the year for outdoor activities. As the US dollar's value went down, many Vancouver residents take advantage the exchange and low cost in the States to go shop there. We did take the advantage of the good weather and went down to Seattle to shop as well as visiting a few places.

While we enjoy the weather, we still have business to take care. VBNF promotes Murchtech's modular home for a good many reasons. It is a new product, a new innovation using simple, direct approach to build housing panels for strong and durable houses at low cost. This approach attracted many building industries around the world.

This year is also a year of natural disasters. Earthquakes, tornados, tsunami, river flooding are causing many people's lives. I cannot understand why the housing industry has not learnt to use new way of building material to simplify the way of buildings and to make it simple and easy to build. Yes, there are many modular housing around but many of them are still not economical and functional like the Murchtech CST products. We will discuss more in the following sections.

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