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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Canadian Mobile Usage On The Rise [infographic] -

BlackBerry. iPhone. Android. It's no surprise that smartphones are booming in Canada.

Of the more than 24.5 million mobile subscribers in Canada, over one third own a smartphone, and that figure jumps to 47% for users between the ages of 18-44 (sources: eMarketer, 2010 and CWTA, 2011). These powerful mobile devices are ushering in the post-PC era with anywhere/anytime Internet access, revolutionizing personal computing as we know it.

According to Cisco's Visual Networking Index, Canadian mobile web usage will break records in 2012 by hitting almost 18.4 Petabytes (tripling levels from 2010), and is estimated to accelerate to 71.5 Petabytes by 2015. With this paradigm shift to smartphones happening so quickly, businesses across Canada are scrambling to keep pace. The attached infographic exemplifies Canada's growing consumer demand for mobile content.

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