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Saturday, September 24, 2011

INQ Mobile Presents: Express Yourself Vancouver

INQ Mobile, in association with our friends at VICE, is throwing a series of art events across Canada and if you're reading this via Facebook then consider yourself invited via Facebook. Remember last year’s INQ party with the pheromone spray bottles? Well this year we're going to outdo ourselves by bringing a bit of London to Canada. Plus we're gonna throw in some silly hats, DJs and Canada’s finest young artists.

Things you can expect:
-Art from Vancouver's best young art-maker types like Allison Lily, Indigo, Office Supplies, Ronan Boyle and More.
-A Facebook-ready photobooth (that's what the silly hats are for)
-People you know and people you don't know having a lot of fun.
-DJs Trevor Risk & Babe Rainbow.

Things you can't expect:
-A live performance from Bon Jovi

So join us on September 22nd at Cutty Contemporary to check out some art and celebrate the launch of the Android-ready INQ Cloud Touch in Canada.

Thursday, September 22 at 9:00pm - September 23 at 1:00am

Cutty Contemporary
564 Beatty St
Vancouver, BC


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