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Sunday, March 11, 2012

60 sec social media

It's good be back in the HuffPost fold after a blogging sabbatical. Welcome to first weekly installment of '60 Seconds of Social Media' where we explain the mysteries of the online world, detangle tech jargon, and highlight some intriguing trends. All told from my iPhone wherever I may happen to be located each week. Imagine what we could with 120 seconds.
This is not an insider's guide. It's a guide for the folks who have other things to do than follow tech blogs all days. It's for the folks still getting their feet wet and still learning the difference between a hashtag and and a retweet. Consider '60 Seconds of Social Media' your beginners course. There's no shame in being a newbie. This space didn't even exist a few years back. We're all strangers here.
In this week's episode: Amex's tweet hustle, new rules for marketing live events, plus a shameless plug for our SXSW panel.
P.S. I lied... this is actually our fifth episode. Check out the others on our blog. We'll make sure to post future episodes here.

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